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Creating Customers for Life....

I am sure you are wondering what you can expect from us before during and after the job.

1.We will inspect your roof to assess if there is storm damage. 

2.If you are just wanting a non storm related roof we will measure your roof and give you a quote. 

3.If you have storm damage, we will meet your insurance adjuster on your roof and assist in the assessment, and work with your insurance company for all pricing to minimize funds out of your pocket. 

4.We do not require a down payment, payment is required upon completion of roof. 

5.We will cover plants, shrubs, flowers, etc. during the job and will also clean landscaping and yard following the job. 6.All of roofing debris is hauled away in trailers, we thoroughly clean site and run magnetic bar over yard to pickup loose nails. 

7.When roof is completed, we will send all information your insurance requires to release funds. 

8.We do our best to leave every customer with a smile on their face